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By Premiere OBGYN
May 20, 2021
Category: Women's Health

The physicians of Premiere OBGYN in Pembroke Pines, and Hollywood, FL, are here for all of your OBGYN needs. If you have already had a c-section birth and are pregnant again, you're likely considering what is best for you and your baby. Read about VBAC and come see us if you have additional questions.

What does VBAC mean?

VBAC stands for vaginal birth after cesarean. If you have already had a c-section birth, you may still have the option to deliver vaginally. There are benefits to delivering this way, but not every woman is a candidate.

Your OBGYN can help determine if you are a good candidate for VBAC. You could potentially be a candidate if you are under the age of 36, are at a healthy weight, and have had a successful vaginal delivery in the past. You may not be a candidate if you have had multiple c-sections in the past or are pregnant with multiple babies.

What are the benefits of VBAC?

In general, vaginal births have fewer risks than cesarean deliveries. There is less chance of blood clots and less risk of infections. With delivery, there is less blood loss and less pain after the birth. A vaginal delivery also means a shorter stay in the hospital. A c-section is routine and very common but is still a major surgery that requires recovery time and lifting restrictions. If you deliver vaginally instead of having surgery, you can resume your normal activities sooner.

Are there any risks?

The most serious risk is uterine rupture, which is a very rare occurrence but the uterus can tear and allow the baby to slip into the abdomen. Your doctor can help assess if you are at any additional risk based on your health history. The best way to find out if VBAC is right for you and your baby is to consult with your OBGYN in Pembroke Pines, and Hollywood, FL.

At Premiere OBGYN in Pembroke Pines, and Hollywood, FL, we are here for all your women's health needs. To find out if VBAC is right for you and your baby, contact us for an appointment at (954) 961-9993.

By Premiere OBGYN
September 18, 2020
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Talking to Your OBGYN About VBAC

Many women who have already given birth by means of a Cesarean or C-section can still give birth vaginally. This is known as Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC). Whether you are a candidate for VBAC or not will largely depend on the reason for your previous C-section. The doctors at Premier Obgyn in Pembroke Pines, FL are happy to answer all your questions about VBAC and tell you if it’s right for you.

Am I a Good Candidate for VBAC?

Pembroke Pines patients who are possible candidates for VBAC include those who:

  • Had a previous C-section with a low-transverse incision
  • Have never had a uterine rupture
  • Have never had extensive uterine surgeries
  • Have access to a doctor who can perform an emergency C-section if necessary

Benefits of Choosing VBAC

The benefits of VBAC include:

  • Future pregnancies: If you wish to have more children in the future, VBAC may help reduce your risk of placenta previa.
  • Surgical complications: VBAC reduces your risk of complications such as infection, blood clots, and bleeding.
  • Shorter recovery: You will be able to return home sooner after a VBAC than after a C-section.

Factors that Reduce your Chance of a VBAC

If the following factors apply, they may make it less likely that you will be considered a viable candidate for VBAC:

  • You are overweight
  • You have gone over 40 weeks of gestation
  • You need to have your labor induced
  • You are an older mother
  • It has been 18 months or less since your last pregnancy
  • Your baby’s estimated birth weight is more than 8.8 pounds

You can contact the team at Premiere OBGNY to schedule an appointment at their Pembroke Pines office on (954) 961-9993 or their Hollywood office on (954) 961-9993. The doctors will be happy to answer all of your questions about VBAC.