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From the routine gynecologic checkups to family planning, Premiere Obgyn wants to work as partners in your health care.  We offer many services that promote wellness and optimal care for women.

Gynecological Services

  • Well Women Exams - Adolescent, Perimenopausal, Menopausal Gynecology
  • Contraceptive Education & Management (including OCPs, Nexplanon, IUDs)
  • Screening for Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Treatment of fibroids, cysts, abnormal pap smears 
  • Management of endometriosis & pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Treatment of PCOS 
  • Management of abnormal uterine bleeding 
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy & alternative treatments for Menopausal symptoms
  • Treatment of incontinence & other urogynecologic conditions
  • Gynecologic Surgeries and Procedures
  • Cancer Screening 

Obstetrical  Services



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